Our Pack

Zakk Wrabiutza: Dog Caregiver & Trainer

Zakk provides care, fun and training for pets and he also helps those with type one diabetes that are interested in working closly with him to have their own service dog.






Miracle Paws OrgBill Wrabiutza: Dog Trainer and Caregiver

Bill is a lead obedience trainer with Miracle Paws and is truely passionate about helping dogs become better companions so owners can be happy and less frustrated.

Bill makes learning easy and fun.




Miracle Paws OrgDonna Wrabiutza: Administration, Cordinator, Assistant Trainer, Caregiver, Handler

Donna Wrabiutza:  Administrative, Caregiver & Trainer Donna is the direct contact for people looking for pet services for their pets and with families that are looking for a service dog.