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Jay Whetzel reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star January 7, 2017

What a great place. Daisy loves going there to play with her friends. The staff is great and treats me beagle great. This is a small family owned business that only allows a certain amount of dogs at a time. It is never crowded like other boarding places that pack them in just to make extra money. Daisy can’t wait to go back.

Shannon Kennedy reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star March 3, 2017 at 7:31pm ·
We brought our puppy Anderson to Miracle Paws with the simple hope that he could learn a little bit better manners. We picked him up after his first week and he has improved so much we are in awe. We are excited for him to go back for his second stay, play and train! We would recommend Miracle Paws to anyone who has a dog!

Sherri Kellett King reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star October 23, 2016 ·
We took our little girl for some basic training. I wasn’t sure about leaving her since she was only a little over 3 months old but she stayed with Zack and he did a great job with her. We received pictures and texts throughout her stay and were very pleased with the outcome. She learned come, sit, place and started learning to potty outside. Donna still checks in with us. I will never leave my Belle with anyone else. I highly recommend Miracle Paws for anyone looking for a place that loves dogs!

Caleb Blake reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star February 18 at 10:47am ·
We boarded our dog Roofus with them, and they were great! They kept us updated on how he was doing, and gave him plenty of play time! Roofus came home good and tired, and we could tell that he enjoyed his time there! They also have the option for training while your dog is staying there!

Cindy Williams reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star February 18 at 11:14am ·
Max us an English bulldog puppy. He is so sweetbut also very stubborn. I found Miricle Paws and since it was closer than any other 24 hour training facility so I decided to give tthem a try to help with obedience training. He has been home for a day and a half and using what he has learned and what they taught me so far the results have been awesome. These are great trainers and the best prices anywhere! We will beusing them to help with further training and telling everyone we know about them. Great job Billy, Donna and Zack we ccan’t thank you enough.

Kenneth Gottlieb reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star December 3, 2016 ·
Miracle Paws is such a great place. Billy and Donna and their son Zack do a tremendous job taking care and training the dogs they are entrusted with. I brought my dog Kali to them for 3 weeks of obedience training. They kept in touch and made me feel very at ease leaving my dog with them. Billy took considerable amount of time explaining to me his method of dog training. You can tell he has a real passion for these dogs and is truly committed to seeing them improve. My dog is so much more calmer and actually listens to and obeys the commands that I give her. Miracle Paws have been a real Blessing to me and my dog. I can’t thank them enough

Melissa Stephens Long reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star September 21, 2016 ·
We are so thankful to have found you guys!!! If you are looking for a place to board your animal where they will be loved like you do go to Miracle Paws!! Our Labrador who is very rotten enjoyed his week so much with these guys swimming and sniffing the grounds that he barely wagged his tail at me for pickup after vacation!! That’s a happy dog!

Amy Jensen Hilburn reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star December 3, 2016 ·
We absolutely love Miracle Paws!!! They came to one of our Cub Scout outings to introduce our boys to what they’re all about. Our boys had a great time and we so appreciate the time you spent with us. We will definitely be calling in the future!!

Agatha Smith reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star September 25, 2016 ·
This place is absolutely fantastic! I am new to the area and leaving Myles for the first time was somewhat traumatic for me but they made us feel so welcome and took such great loving❤️ Care of him.His stay was so outstanding and Myles had such a great time we will be going back again and again. We both left with smiles on our faces��

Carrie Nicholas Moss reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star January 24, 2016
Stella and Maggie Brownie are having another great week!!!Our family misses our “golden girls” but know they are having a great time and learning too!!! It is quiet without them but were thankful for the many pictures and videos ya’ll send as we continue to show our kids “puppy camp updates”. After a few days the pups came home for the weekend eager to show their new learnings…wow!!!! We were all amazed at their ability to “place” and with one “stay” BOTH place and stay….(both dogs one cot!!!) …all of us including the pups were so proud!!! The best came when they showed me how great they learned to WALK on a double lead…(walking two puppies has been….crazy…and quite a challenge…they came home ready to walk… (on a double lead!!) its wonderful!!! Can’t say enough great things about the staff,facility, care,knowledge and results they provide!!!

Cassie Phillips reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star  September 3, 2016 ·
The most amazing trainers I have ever met, not only are they great at what they do every dog I see them with is happy and in perfect health! They love and care for their dogs as well as educate and train. I cannot say enough good things about them! They are a blessing to our community.

Jacklyn K Han reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star August 20, 2016 ·
I wish I had known about this place sooner because it would’ve saved me a lot of grief while training my dogs. I’ve been to couple of trainers and have spent many days following different online articles and bought many different collars to keep my dog from pulling and I wasn’t doing so great. After spending an hour doing a 1-1 session, I can take Lucy on a pleasant walk. I believe she will continue to learn as I follow their sound training advice. She has already learned to roll over which is very cute.
I love that their facility is clean and set up to maximize a dog’s comfort level. These people really love dogs!
Jacklyn han

Mara Washburn reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star October 6, 2016 ·
Miracle Paws is everything I was looking for in a dog boarding place and more. The kennels are spotless! And I like that each dog has their own little kennel room to sleep in instead of being stuck in a crate all night. My dog has food allergies and they were super respectful of that and made sure he had what he needed during his stay. It does cost a little more than other places but the environment is way better than any other kennel I’ve seen and it’s a non profit organization. These people truly want what’s best for the dogs and it shows! It was the first time in a long time that I was away from my dog and not worried 24/7. Most importantly, Cooper seemed so happy and relaxed when I picked him up!

Ben Espada reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star October 4, 2016 ·
First point I want to make is that these amazing people donated their services as part of a silent auction item for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fundraising gala. Thank you so much!!! This was perfect for us as we have a high energy rescue Husky that could use a good lesson or few. It only took a few minutes of evaluation to find out what made Bella tick, as she is not food motivated at all. Once we found out her motivation it took only a few sessions to already see improvement in her behavior. Just this weekend she accidentally got off leash and what we thought would be hours of chasing her took just a few seconds to get her in the house and back on the leash for our walk. Thanks again for the great work.

Sandy Petite Hann reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star September 19, 2016 ·
My husband & I boarded our Dachshund Sunni with Miracle Paws. We were so impressed with their facilities & how caring & loving they were with our fur baby. We went for a week & received many texts of our baby interacting with the family waging her tail & getting her belly rubbed. We knew she was happy & we picked the right kennel.
I would recommend Miracle Paws to everyone who has a fur baby they love.
A big THANKYOU Donna & staff for a relaxing vacation where we didn’t worry about our Sunni.

Tory Voisin reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star August 7, 2016 ·
We love Miracle Paws! Their interview program was great and allowed my dog, Barney, to get used to his surroundings while I was with him (instead of just dropping him off in an unfamiliar place), so that when I dropped him off for daycare he was excited to go. Even as we were driving and getting close he started to get excited. They have lots of toys, and inside and outside activities that Barney enjoyed playing with. I loved that they sent me photos during the day of his activities, and at the end of the day when I picked him up he was a tired and happy pup!

Christy Garrett reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star November 27, 2016 ·
This place is absolutely wonderful! Our Piper had her first stay over the holiday and they took such great care of her! Her stay was so outstanding and Piper had such a great time we will be going back again and again.

Collins Parris Wayland reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star September 22, 2016 ·
The only place I would ever consider leaving our 4 legged family members. Not only do they take the best care of them but they come back more well behaved and with new tricks!! Our dog loves it here.

Keaton Connolly reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star October 8, 2016 ·
My dog had the best stay at Miracle Paws! They make sure their animals get personal attention and the facility was so clean! They even sent me daily photos and videos of my dog’s playtime there! I will absolutely be back when I need boarding services in the future.

Cindy Brookey reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star August 9, 2016 ·
This was Harper’s first time away from the family. I was very nervous leaving her because I didn’t know how she would react being left….needless to say, she has found a 2nd family. She was very excited to see me, but I could see the love she had for them, especially Bill… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you guys do and of course for loving Harper!!! Harper will be back!!!!

Debbie Swygert reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star July 29, 2016 ·
Thanks for the wonderful instructions on helping my dog to be better for me. We are working on walking without pulling and Briscoe is working hard not to get distracted by that bird flying by. Great that I can get training outside where there are many distractions to break bad habits when walking. A great facility for your dog for daycare training and boarding.

Bill Wylie reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star January 7, 2017
Donna, Billy, and Zakk have been a huge help to me and a real difference maker with Rusty. I can’t reccomend their training services enough! Rusty never wants to leave daycare and comes home exhausted! These people are great, check them out!

Toni Anderson reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star September 20, 2016 ·
After adopting our adult dog last year we tried several dog boarding facilities and are so thankful to have “found” Miracle Paws. The relaxed, loving, and fun environment created by Bill & Donna is ideal for Beasley. We no longer have to worry about him being stressed out if we leave him for daycare or overnight boarding. We love picking up a happy, well cared for dog!

Bess Caldwell reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star October 17, 2016 ·
Just got home with my 15 month old lab!! So happy to have him home and so very pleased with all he learned at Miracle Paws!! He’s all tired from playing with his home buddies but he’s so much pleasure to be with now that he has great MANNERS!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Beth Hanckel reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star December 6, 2016 ·
They trained my 6 month old puppy with the e week obedience training program and they have worked miracles!! He is so much better behaved now and I couldn’t be happier!

Hannah Johnson reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star September 19, 2016 ·
Everytime we pull in, my pup knows exactly where he is and gets so excited. I never worry about him while I am away because his excitement speaks for itself and I know how well taken care of he is there. Very thankful I found them!!

Hannah Chapman reviewed Miracle Paws Org — 5 star August 2, 2016

Awesome training and daycare! The staff was great and very helpful with my 4 month old German Shepard! I recommend Miracle Paws to all my friends and family!

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