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Please know that we cannot care for or offer training for any dogs that has severe seperation anxiety or that has shown any guarding or aggression issues to other dogs or humans. We cannot accept dogs that escape by jumping over or under fences.

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  • This form will be kept on file for as long as D&B Services, LLC DBA: Miracle Paws provides on-going pet services for your dogs. Before any dog is allowed on our property, we must have proof that all dogs have been fully vaccinated for the following:Dog Vaccinations: DPP* 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required *Distemper, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza, Bordetella and Rabies- 1 or 3-yr AND be on a monthly Heartworm and Flea & Tick preventatives.
  • Which program options interest you now and in the future?

  • Daycare provides your dog with action packed fun while you are away for the day.
  • Your dog stays and plays while you are away for the night, a week or more!
  • Obedience Training Programs: We can help with things like loose leash walking, place, sit, jumping up on people, counter surfing, come when you call for your dog and more! After a dog evaluation, we will chat about realistic goals, your normal weekly schedule, commitment, budget and what training tools that we recommend to set your team up for success at the meet and greet!
  • Meet & greet tours are scheduled anytime Mon-Friday 10am-8pm and Saturdays 8:30-1:00. We accept drop offs and pickups by appointment from 7am-9:00pm.
  • If your dog escapes from any of our fenced in yards, we will do everything we can to find and bring your dog back. However, we will not be held responsible if your dog escapes from our property.
  • If your dog has a skin rash, we will require a letter of clearance from your vet.
  • It is important to provide a little more than ample food for your dog at drop off in the event that something happens and we need to provide extended care. We will return all of your dogs unsued food.
  • No pregnant or in heat females are allowed.
  • Please provide some brief history on the dog- any behavior issues and if the dog has had any kind of training and if so what has your dog been trained to do-
  • If you only have one dog, please skip down to the next required field.
  • No pregnant or in heat females are allowed. No intact males over the age of one year.
  • Due to insurance regulations, we cannot care of dog breeds that are not known to be insurance friendly.
  • You can upload a copy below, or you or your vet can email a copy to: You can bring a copy with you to our meet and greet session. Dog Vaccinations: DPP* 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required *Distemper, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza Bordetella Rabies- 1 or 3-yr. vaccine required Canine Influenza-Bordeteala Heartwork and Fleas & Tick preventatives
  • Current copies are required for your dog to visit or to stay with us.
  • In the event that your dog escapes or is found to have fleas, ticks, illness, injury or death: you and your agent will be called as soon as posible. Depending on the situation, we have the right to take your dog to a veterinarian of our choice and you agree to be responsible for all expenses for boarding and care that they provide to your dog. And you also agree to be responsible for all expenses for any other dogs were your dog caused injured or illness to.
  • By typing your name here, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement. You will get a email confirmation when the application is received. If you do not hear back from us within a few hours, please call us! 864-314-1804