Diabetic Alert & Therapy Dogs

We are working with families that live within two hours of Anderson, SC and we are currently accepting applications for therapy and diabetic alert dogs from families that would like to be involved in the training of their own service dog.

If you are interested in puppy raising your own service dog hopeful or perhaps you already have a pet that you feel might be a good candidate, complete an Application.

We are happy to discuss your dog, realistic expectations and our program options.

Thank you for any donations that you would like to make to Miracle Paws Org: Service Dog Donations


Meet our Heroes!



Nevaeh and her DAD Maggie                 

Testimonial from family: I am so beyond thankful that we found Zakk and his family! We had searched through numerous trainers that seemed to be mostly interested in our money more than our daughter’s well being, and then we found this family who really cares! We can not express our gratitude for your time and commitment to other type 1s and their families! We feel so blessed to have Maggie as part of our family now! We know Nevaeh now has a compainion, friend, and lifesaver! It feels great to know we have an extra “nose” looking out for our sweet girl! Again thank you for all you have done and continued to do!
-Bethany Ranes, Mom of Neveah and DAD Maggie

Tony and Diabetic Alert Dog Bear

Testimonial from family: We were so fortunate to find DADs by Zakk! Our son Tony is so active that we wanted to do whatever we could to give him more freedom and just let him be a kid! I researched on-line for about 4 months before I came across the Diabetes Alert Dog by Zakk website. They were so close to Charleston! I filled out the application and the rest is history! They responded immediately and we shared our story. Our journey with this family has been incredible and we consider them part of our family! Tony and Bear met 4 months ago and it was love at first sight. We have watched how Zakk and his family nurture and train not just their pack of guardian angels but also us! We are so grateful for everything they have done for us, there are no words. We look forward to a lasting relationship with this family and are thrilled that Tony has Bear as a lifesaving companion!
-Coco Gunther, Mom of Tony and DAD Bear

Hynlee and Diabetic Alert Dog Layla 

Testimonial from family: I have searched for weeks for the perfect Christmas gift for you guys. Nothing seemed right. It was this morning when I went and found Hynlee curled up with Layla, that I realized nothing would be sufficient. Nothing! You see, you all have me a gift that I can never thank you enough for. You not only gave Hynlee a furever friend, a life saver, a companion for life. But you have given me my little girl back. Hynlee had always been shy, even before diagnosis. I always thought her shyness was the issue. It wasn’t until Layla came into our lives that I realized how much she had shut herself off. She is talking to strangers! Playing with other kids. She is being a normal child! So for this I’m forever grateful. I owe you more than I could ever give you. I birthed this child into this world. Diabetes tried to take her. But you all have given her her life back! Thank you!! Merry Christmas!! We love you always!!!
-Mindy Dodson, Mom of Hynlee & DAD Layla

Riley and Diabetic Alert Dog Shelby 

Testimonial from family: When we began researching DADs we were a little skeptical, but desperate for anything that would make our daughters life more safe and give us a little piece of mind. When my husband found Zakk online we were thrilled because of its close proximity, but upon meeting Zakk and his family we knew they were so much more than just local DAD trainers. They felt like family instantly and had the sweetest little chocolate lab, Shelby, that fell in love with our little girl. Since that first meeting we have learned the importance of a DAD, she has saved our little girls life multiple times by alerting during the night, during activity, and during daily activities. Shelby is our little furry angel! We could not be more pleased with our choice to work with Zakk, his family is not in the DAD business to make money, they are in it because they are living a T1 life and they truly care not just about the dogs but the families they are helping. They not only brought us together with a life saver and companion for our little girl, they gave our family the support all T1s need when fighting this never ending battle!
-Courtney Foster, Mom of Riley and DAD Shelby

Jordan and Diabetic Alert Dog Mocha 

I’m in a great place for I met a puppy named Mocha and four months ago she came to live with me forever. My life changed, but this time for the better. Mocha can detect when my glucose level is too high or too low. If she senses a change she will alert to me by a distinguished paw to my knee. However, she does more than that. Whenever I’m stressed, anxious, or even sad- just knowing I have my loyal companion by my side makes me feel better. Mocha is the reason I smile again; a smile I haven’t shown since about freshman year. I’m so thankful to be alive and well. I’m finally free to be me and I am thankful to actually be able to enjoy my senior year. It’s been a hectic five years with a lot of ups and downs. So here’s to the next five years of my life, happy and healthy. – Jordan Malcot, T1D and her DAD Mocha

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