Dog Boarding

Your dog gets to stay and play at an all inclusive country living pet resort while you are away!!

Fees:  $30.00 per night or 45.00 for two days and one night 

If you think that your dog would enjoy spending their days exploring, socializing and relaxing in a country setting- We want to meet your dog!! Complete an online reservation form to set up a meet and greet.

Our goal is to provide your dog with a tail wagging good time!!

What makes us different..

We provide a fun and tranquil environment for a few canine guests at a time

Two sprawling country acres with multiple indoor/outdoor barnyard corrals for dogs to explore and play in their most favorite areas throughout the day

We have three full time experienced dog handlers that reside on the farm

We are family owned and operated- we have no employees

Flexible scheduled pick up and drop off hours that include nights, weekends and holidays

Free meet and greet orientation appointments are a must for all new guests

Socialization matching process: we get to know each dog prior to pairing them up with a couple of other dogs

Our guests enjoy inclusive access to an inground pool with wading area, agility equipment, toys and areas set up just for socialization

When our guests are ready for relaxation and sleep  enjoy their very own private 5×10 in/outdoor cage free and climate controlled enviroment that comes with a soft, cool and comfy cot.

Our guests have never ending water and tasty treats

24/7 movies and music for some added home style relaxation

Because our guests are out exploring they tend to get dirty so take home bubble baths are an option

If you are interested in setting up a meet and greet, you can click on make a reservation below and go over our camp rules and complete our online registration form. There will be a place on the form to indicate what appointment dates and times work best for you.

We appreciate your understanding that we are not a good fit for dogs that have aggression issues with other dogs or humans, have seperation anxiety in small confined 5×5 indoor barn stall areas or that escape from fenced in yards.