Dog Obedience Training For Pets & Service Dogs

Our training techniques provide better long term results!

We can help your dog to learn to RELAX!!!!

When dogs are in a calm state of mind, they can focus better and along with your on-going reinforcement help: we train dogs to learn how to mentally “reset” themselves when they are excited, stressed, anxious, ect.

When dogs are relaxed, many undesireable behaviors will extinguish themselves and they become much more responsive to doing things we want such as: doing nothing, coming to you when you call for them, sit, place, leave it, loose leash walking, crate training, potty training, to sit at the door, stop jumping on people, ring a door bell to go potty, use a treadmill, ect.

Service Dog Training: Once your dog has a good grasp on basic pet obedience, we can offer service dog training to those that could use a dog to help them by expanding the training tasks to include things like how to do things like open and close doors, turn off and on lights, pull a wheelchair, retrieve medication, hearing alert, diabetic alert, comfort dogs, ect.

We offer private training sessions for owners of pets and service dogs-

50.00 Per session: We spend time training you to train your own dog at your own pace!!  We feel that our clients get much better long term results with our individulized training sessions verses a classroom setting and we tailor training programs around you and your dog to set your team up for success.

Your dog learns as he stays, plays, relaxes and trains 

We build on dogs strengths and their weaknesses- Together, we create a realistic training program around the dog and the pet parents. This program includes a total of four nights and five days to stay, play and train and is structured around the dogs progress.  Our training campers will have scheduled sessions throughout each day that they are here for play, socializing, relaxation massages and obedience training. The time the dog is scheduled can be split up over a few weeks.

  • 50.00 Orientation appointment- that includes a family and dog evaluation and together we will put in place a realistic plan of action to help you have a better relationship with your dog. A private training session is included with our orientation to help provide you with some training tips to help your team get a good kickstart.
  • 20.00 Daycare- your dog gets to come for a short stay allowing him time to acclimate while having fun
  • 425.00 Your dog gets scheduled to stay, play, relax and train at our dog farm for a total of four nights and five days!!Our program is set up so you can pay upon arrival for each scheduled session and you can opt out at anytime.

Total: 495.00

325.00 for each additional four nights/five days to stay, play, massage, board and training sessions that will help refine your dog to better understand what we are asking of him.

Diabetic Alert & Therapy Dogs

Once your dog is showing consistency with their basic obedience skills through our pet programs: Miracle Paws Org can offer service dog training to those that are interested in being part of the training process. Please call 864-314-1804 for more details as we structure our training programs around our clients lifestyle, needs and realistic expectations. Be sure and check out our Happy Tails page for some great stories about our working service dog families



While your dog is here..

After a morning of activities and breakfast, we introduce dogs to our massage techniques. Once the dog is relaxed, we begin training things like how to sit at exit doors, come when you call them, go to his bed/place, walk on a loose leash, stop jumping on people, ect-  and they will have multiple sessions of romping on two acres of fenced in property that includes a large sand box, games of fetch, exploring adventure trails, agility equipment and swimming.

Our training and boarding facility is located on our home property that is completely fenced in for extra security. We do everything that we can to assure that your dog has a fun and safe experience during their stay at Miracle Paws and they always want to come back for another adventure!

All obedience board and training programs:

Owners will take their dogs home with realistic expectations and easy to follow take home training instructions. We will be available for troubleshooting help over the phone, messaging or email when you take the dog home and you can aways set up another private session.

Depending on the dog and your goals, we typically recommend one-three biweekly sessions provide the best long term results for pets and service dog training will vary. We send pictures and videos of your dogs progress while he has fun learning!

Due to insurance regulations, we cannot provide any care or training for dogs that are known to be: human or dog aggressive, that go over or under fences, or that have any contagious conditions including ticks, fleas, skin rashes, ect.

Considering our facility is covered with lots of fun equiptment and because we need your focus; only kids over the age of 12 are allowed to accompany you and your dog during your visit to our facility.

You will be able to take our simple to follow training techniques and share some of them with your kids as they are ready to take on more responsibilities of handling the dog.

You can complete a reservation form or call us for more details!! 864-314-1804