Dog Obedience Training

We can help with things like recall, sit, place, leave it, loose leash walking, to sit at the door and to stop jumping on people.

We offer various affordable training programs that includes daycare or boarding with training and invidual private sessions.

As a prerequisite with any of the training programs that we offer: we require a scheduled meet and greet that includes a 50.00 private training session with you and your dog.  We will disuss your dogs breed tendencies, his history,  behavior issues, maturity, capibilities,  your lifestyle, time commitments, budget and goals. We will also spend time going over our training techniques, training tool options, what our take home training sessions entails and things that your dog will be doing for fun while he stays, plays and learns during his stay with us.

And based on realistic expectations, together we will build a flexable pay as you go training program.



Private one on one training sessions!

You can always sign up for a pay as you go private training session for 50.00 and we will work with you and your dog at your pace! 

We have found that our pet and service dog clients get much better long term results with our individulized training sessions vs offering classroom settings. We share our easy to reinforce training techniques with you so you can walk away with a much better understanding of how to communicate with your dog and when your dog understands what you want, he will become a much better dog!

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Stay, Play and Train!

Overnight boarding and training: 350.00 for five days of training and four nights of boarding

Daycare with training: 300.00 for five days of training

Click here to set up a meet and greet that includes a private training session

Daycare or Overnight board and training: You drop your dog off for five days in a row or for four nights and five days. Your dog will stay, play, socialize and train on our mini dog farm. And on the fifth day we train the owners to reinforce our training techniques and they take the dog home for a few days and then the dog comes back for five more days of training.

Two to three weekly sessions provide the best long term results and you can always sign up for future private sessions to help you get back on track-

You can add extra boarding nights as needed at 25.00 a night with an additional 15.00 daycare fee if the dog is picked up after noon on the scheduled pick-up date.


Our popular obedience training program is designed to train, socialize and exercise dogs that stay with us during the day.

  • every day your dog will attend multiple training sessions to learn to sit, come, go to his bed/place, walk on a loose leash, stop jumping on people, and much, much more
  • and your dog will enjoy exploring outside romping on two acres of fenced in property that will provide lots of opportunities for your dog to enjoy a large sand box, games of fetch, exploring adventure trails and swimming
  • once we get to know your dog he maybe allowed to socialize with other canine guests that are boarding at the same time
  • your dog will love weaving, running or walking through and over various pieces of agility equipment as they explore around the farm’s property
  • our state of the art training facility offers an additional 2000 square feet of climate controlled andvideo surveillance area that’s built just for fun and training
  • and when your dog is ready for some much needed rest, he will enjoy his own, clean in-door climate controlled 5×10 stall that provides a private cage free environment that comes with a comfy cot, toys, clean water, treats and soothing music for total relaxation
  • our training and boarding facility is located on our home property that is completely fenced in for extra security. We do everything that we can to assure that your dog has a fun and safe experience during their stay at Miracle Paws and they always want to come back for another adventure!
  • Dogs are aways ready for relaxation by the time you pick them up from our dog farm!
  • We post and text pictures and videoes so the owners can see their dogs progress thoughout his stay with us.

Due to insurance regulations and for the saftey of you, your dog, our staff and other canine guests, we cannot provide any care or training for dogs that are known to be: human or dog aggressive, fence climbers or jumpers or that have any contagious conditions including ticks, fleas, skin rashes, ect.

Considering we have lots of fun equipment at our facility that is not kid friendly and because we need your total focus during your paid training session with us and because kids will be kids; only kids over the age of 12 are allowed to accompany you and your dog during your visit to our facility.

You will be able to take our simple to follow training techniques and share some of them with your kids as they are ready to take on more responsibilities of handling the dog.

Call us for more details!! 864-314-1804