Dog Obedience Training for Pets & Service Dogs

Our training techniques provide results..

Because all human/dog teams are different, we listen to pet and service dog parents and together, we will realistically design a training program around the team!

Unlike traditional old school dog training techniques that only offer temporary fixes or that may cause some dogs to become fearful or anxious, the staff at Camp Miracle Paws offers a different perspective on dog obedience training by teaming up with dog parents with our private and or board and training programs to help them learn how to re-condition their dogs to relax and acclimate to the lifestyle of their parents.

We align with handlers to train their own dogs for diabetic alert, therapy, seizure response and hearing alert. Our service dog programs are set up on a pay as you go basis and they consist of a meet and greet evaluation, private and small group training classes, intermittent board and training sessions,  and a strong training support system with the dog handlers.

We ask that service dog teams reside within a couple of hours of Anderson, SC. We do make some acceptions depending on the age and a temperament evaluation of dogs that are over eight months of age.

Please call us for more details about our service dog training programs. 864-314-1804

Meet n’ Greet Training Session

We want to meet you and your dog!

  • Together, we will design a pay as you go, realistic, easy to reinforce lifestyle training program that will best fit your dogs ability along with your goals and budget
  • You will leave with a much better understanding on how to communicate with your dog and you will immediately see some progress in your dogs behavior
  • Click on make a training reservation tab and provide us with some details like your name, phone #, emergency contact, ect and information about your dog
  • As you go through the form you will be able to determine if your team is a good fit for our training model
  • Once we receive the fom, we will review the information and will get back to you with your requested appointment time

Orientation and Training Class Fee: 50.00

Fetch a Reservation

Private Consultation Classes

After your orientaton training session-

Together, we will design an easy to reinforce lifestyle training program around you and your dog. Each session is an hour long and we will help you to learn how to teach your dog to relax, come to you when you call for him, to stop jumping on people, walk on a leash, ect. 

And or maybe, you would like to train your dog to learn some tricks like how to turn on a light, open a door, put toys in a basket or maybe you just need some help to refine a specific task that you are having trouble accomplishing.

Total Fee: 25.00 per half hour 

Dog Training Boarding School

  • After an orientation training session, you can consider signing your dog up for our board and training program where your dog gets to stay, play and train at Camp Miracle Paws for four nights and five days
  • Throughout your dogs days with us, we will send messages, pictures and videos of your dogs progress
  • And dog parents get a take home reinforcement training session at pick-up
    • Training Fee: 425.00 for four nights and five days to stay, play and train. Some things your dog will learn while at Camp Miracle Paws is how to relax, sit, down, come, walk on a loose leash and more!! 

Daycare with Training

  • Just like our boarding school and with the same successful results!

  • Our day school allows you to enjoy having your dog home with you each night.

  • For five days, you drop your dog off and pick them up each day, then you meet for a private lesson with your dog’s trainer. These days can be split up over a two week period.
  • Dog owners learn how to reinforce the week’s training at pick-up.

Total Fee: 350.00 or 70.00 per day 


While your dog is here..

After a morning of socializing activities and breakfast, we introduce our canine students to our relaxation techniques. Once the dog is relaxed, we begin training specific tasks that were discussed during your orientation session like how to sit at exit doors, come when you call them, go to his bed/place, walk on a loose leash, stop jumping on people, ect-

Your dog will also enjoy our all inclusive boarding ammentites that includes your dog having multiple sessions of romping on two acres of fenced in property for exploring, agility equipment for helping your dog to learn how to follow direction, a swimming pool with a wading area, playground equipment and other furry companions that have also been evaluated for your dog to socialize with.

Service Dog Training

Whether you already have a pet that you feel is a good service dog hopeful or if you need help locating a rescue or a puppy, we can help those with disabilites to have their own service dog.

Our programs are designed around clients that want to be involved in training their own service dog. We offer private classes and intermitent boarding and training programs that will help refine a task or to kickstart a new one.

A few training tasks that we can help provide to those that could use a constant companion to help them by performing tasks like how to do things like open and close doors, turn off and on lights, pull a wheelchair, retrieve medication, hearing alert, diabetic alert, comfort dogs, ect.