Puppy Training School

Puppies are the BEST!!

where you and your puppy will learn the art of attention and engagement, confidence building, obedience, socialization and so much more! and early socialization to people, puppies, dogs, cats, multiple floor and ground substrates, novel objects, noises, and various environments will maximize the probability that your future adult dog will become a happy, healthy in mind and soul welcome member of the community.

They are cute, sweet and have puppy breath to! When it comes to sharing your life with a new puppy, it should be fun, easy and a lot less stress-free.  If this isn’t the case, and if you are experiencing any of these undesirable behaviors, give us a call to help get your favorite puppy on the right track!

We will help with things like:

  • Potty Training  
  • Biting or nipping
  • Barking for attention
  • Crying in their crate
  • Chewing on everything including your hands
  • Jumping on people
  • Acting fearful or afraid of new people or dogs
  • Scared of loud noises, new places or weird things
  • Destroying things in your home, countersurfing
  • Pulling on a leash or won’t walk on a leash
  • Won’t listen or pay attention to commands
  • And so much more…

Our private training programs are designed around your team that will cover everything you need to know about raising your puppy into a well-mannered adult dog.

Our puppy classes are $50.00 each, private and pay as you go. We recommend six bi-weekly or monthly classes as needed.

These classes are set up to be customized, creative and fun.  We will cover a multitude of behaviors, teaching and shaping good manners, socialization in a productive manner and a lot more.

Once your pup is four months of age, he should be fully vaccinated and you have complete a puppy 101 orientation training session with one of our staff trainers you can sign your furbaby up for our puppy school training camp that is our most inclusive, fully-comprehensive program.

You will drop your puppy off to camp for a week at a time for three bi-weekly weeks, and you get back a civilized, focused, relaxed and happy puppy upon return!  Your puppy will go through our camp training program learning how to relax, walk on a loose leash, potty training basics, playing biting/mouthing boundaries, appropriate socialization, structured play and games to make entertaining your puppy fun and easy, and plenty of time to experience the real world! This program really has it all!

You can click here to make a Puppy Training Reservation or call today to schedule your evaluation, and get your puppy started on the right paw!